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Dental Implants — Lakeville, MA

Replace Your Missing Teeth for a Lifetime

Model showing how dental implants in Lakeville work

While tooth replacement has been available for a long time, nothing in the past quite stacks up to the most modern and advanced solution — dental implants. Dental implants have become a highly recommended and popular option for replacing missing teeth because, with their help, patients receive all the benefits of having their own natural teeth back. Southeastern Dental Care offers dental implant restorations, and with them, we can help virtually anyone reclaim their complete, healthy smile. To see if dental implants are right for you, give us a call today to schedule your consultation.

Why Choose Southeastern Dental Care For Dental Implants?

What Are Dental Implants?

Single tooth dental implant in Lakeville lined up with model teeth for comparison

Natural teeth are made up of two parts. There’s the shiny white crown that you see when you smile, and there are the roots hidden under the gumline that hold it in place. Traditional tooth replacement options like dentures and dental bridges only go so far as to replace the crowns of missing teeth. Without a supportive root structure, these options are far less comfortable and functional than home-grown pearly whites.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are designed to replace the entire structure of a missing tooth with an implant post and a restoration. The dental implant itself is a small, screw-shaped titanium post that is inserted into the jawbone where the roots of a missing tooth once were. This effectively replaces them and provides a strong foundation for the restoration it supports. Depending on the extent of your tooth loss, this beautiful, custom-made restoration may be a crown, bridge, or denture. When you rebuild missing teeth from the roots up with dental implants, the end result is a smile that looks, feels, and functions, just like natural!

Our Team-Bested Dental Implant Process

Lakeville implant dentist holding restoration and model dental implant

We are partnered with local experts who have all the experience and training necessary to perform the dental implant placement surgery. They do so with precision and a strong focus on minimizing the risk of complications. After you undergo your surgery, you will come back to our office, where we will design and place the final restorations for your implants. This team-based approached to implant care ensures that you are receiving the highest possible quality of service at every stage of your tooth replacement journey.

Benefits of Dental Implants 

man smiling while holding glasses

Over 500,000 dental implants are placed every year, making them one of the most popular ways to replace missing teeth. Because of their unique placement, they offer several advantages that you simply can’t get with traditional solutions like dentures and dental bridges. It’s easy to see why they’re preferred by patients! Not only are they very natural-looking, but they have the potential to improve your confidence, health, and overall quality of life.

Day-to-Day Benefits 

Closeup of patient with dental implants in Lakeville eating an apple

If you currently wear dentures, you may feel like they limit your ability to enjoy your everyday life. Maybe they’re ill-fitting or they simply move too much when you talk. Well, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues with dental implants!

They can improve your day-to-day life with the following benefits:

  • Vastly improved biting force: Dental implants can restore 75% or more of your natural biting force (compared to only 25-20% for dentures or dental bridges), which means you can easily eat all your favorite foods once again!
  • Easy maintenance: Dental implants can be cared for just like natural teeth. Simply brush, floss, and visit us for checkups regularly to keep it strong and healthy.
  • Boost of self-confidence: Dental implants remain firmly in place, reducing unwanted movement. As such, you can perform daily tasks with complete confidence!

Health Benefits

older couple smiling while looking at each other

Aside from enhancing your daily quality of life, dental implants offer some incredible health advantages:

  • Prevent jawbone deterioration: Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that stimulates circulation in the jawbone, which keeps it strong and healthy.
  • Protection for natural teeth: It’s incredibly common for teeth to shift after tooth loss. Luckily, dental implants serve as a placeholder to ensure every member of your smile stays exactly where it belongs.
  • Better overall health: Studies have discovered a correlation between tooth loss and an increased risk of multiple diseases. Because implants are the next best thing to natural teeth, it’s safe to assume they can help lower such risks.

Long-Term Benefits

closeup of man smiling

By getting dental implants now, you can expect to enjoy multiple short-term and long-term benefits. Some long-term advantages include:

  • Reliable long-term success: Dental implants boast an astonishing success rate of over 95% even 10 years after placement!
  • A permanent solution to tooth loss: Unlike other options that need to be replaced every 5-15 years, dental implants can easily last a lifetime with the proper care.
  • Maintain a youthful appearance: Because dental implants stimulate the jawbone, they prevent the sunken look that often comes with tooth loss. They’ll allow you to maintain a youthful appearance for years to come!

Who Dental Implants Can Help

Lakeville implant dentist explaining dental implants to patient

No matter how many teeth you are missing, dental implants may be the ideal treatment for you. They are quite versatile and can be used to replace a single tooth, a few teeth, or even an entire smile.

Missing 1 Tooth

To replace a single lost tooth, one dental implant will be inserted into the jawbone. After it has had some time to bond with the surrounding tissue, a single crown will be placed on top of it to replace the visible portion of the missing tooth.

Missing Multiple Teeth

If your missing teeth are all adjacent to one another, an implant bridge may be perfect for you. This type of prosthetic has two implant-supported crowns, which go on opposite ends of the empty space. The crowns support 1 – 3 artificial teeth between them.

Missing All Teeth

If you have lost all or most of your teeth, we may recommend that you receive an implant denture. This type of prosthetic can be permanently attached to a number of strategically placed dental implants. Or, it may be removable and simply “snap” onto and off of the dental implants.

Advanced Dental Implant Procedures

Dental operatory with monitor displaying results of dental scan

The dental implant procedure in Lakeville is a multi-stage process. Some patients even have to undergo highly advanced treatments to ensure that their dental implants have the best possible chance of success. For example, you might require a bone graft or sinus lift to prepare your jawbone to support your new prosthetic tooth roots.  If you would like to learn more about these remarkable surgeries, read the information below.

Bone Grafting

Illustration of granular bone material being placed into tooth socket

The human body is remarkably efficient. If a part of it is not being used, its raw materials may be recycled for other purposes. The jawbone is no exception to the rule. After you lose a natural tooth, the bone that once supported it begins to lose its volume and density. Over time, the bone loss can become so significant that the jaw is no longer capable of supporting dental implants. This problem often afflicts people who choose not to pursue tooth replacement soon after their natural teeth are extracted. It is also common among those who have worn traditional dentures for an extended period of time.

Fortunately, there is a way to address bone loss in the jaw. During bone grafting in Lakeville, bone material is added to the jaw. The material may be natural or synthetic. If it is natural, it may come from a donor or from another part of your body. After the material is in place, it will be integrated with your jawbone, resulting in a structure that is able to support your implants.

In some cases, a bone graft is performed at the same time as a dental implant placement surgery. In most cases, though, the graft takes place several months before implants are placed.

Sinus Lifts

Illustration of instrument being used to push sinus membrane upward

If your upper jaw is too thin, an implant might go all the way through it, possibly puncturing the sinus membrane above. This is a possibility for individuals who wait a long time after losing their natural teeth to get implants. It can also be an issue for individuals with naturally large sinuses.

To protect your sinuses, we might recommend that you undergo a sinus lift in Lakeville. During the procedure, the gums are opened, and the sinus membrane is pushed gently upward. A bone graft is placed beneath it to hold it in its new position. Healing from a sinus lift usually takes between four and nine months, after which it may be possible to place dental implants in Lakeville.

If you must undergo either a bone graft or a sinus lift, you can rest assured that the procedure is a necessary part of your tooth replacement journey. Your surgical team will do all they can to make sure you have a comfortable experience and a smooth recovery. To learn more about the dental implant procedure and what to expect from it, contact Southeastern Dental Care today.

Dental Implant Failure & Salvage

Man in need of dental implant salvage in Lakeville

When you choose to replace your missing teeth with dental implants, you’re making an investment you can count on. Dental implants are more successful and longer-lasting than any other tooth replacement option, boasting an impressive 95% success rate even 10 years after placement! Nonetheless, dental implant failure is still something to be on the lookout for. Should you begin to experience any of the classic warning signs of a failing dental implant, don’t hesitate to contact us right away. We may be able to save your newly rebuilt smile with dental implant salvage in Lakeville.

Learn More About Dental Implant Failure & Salvage

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

Model implant and stack of money symbolizing the cost of dental implants in Lakeville

There are various factors that can influence the total cost of dental implants in Lakeville, including the number of implants needed and the exact nature of the final restoration. During your consultation, we will give you an estimate for the costs associated with your personalized treatment plan. Although dental implants present a higher upfront cost than other tooth replacement options, they are well worth the price. Their outstanding longevity and stability make them an investment that you will never regret. Plus, we offer convenient payment options that can help you afford your treatment.

Preliminary Treatments & Dental Implant Surgery

Dentist preparing to place dental implant in patient’s mouth

Many patients require some preliminary treatments, such as gum disease therapy or tooth extractions, before they qualify to receive dental implants. Each of these services incurs its own fee. The dental implant placement surgery has a separate cost, which depends on the number of implants placed and other factors. The specialist who performs your surgery will work with you to make sure you understand all relevant costs and your payment options.

The Parts of Your Dental Implant

Illustration of dental implant, abutment, and crown in lower arch

Not all dental implant treatments are the same. There are various techniques that may be used that require different materials. In any case, you will have to cover the cost of the implants themselves and the price of your restorations. Logically, a single implant-supported crown costs less than a denture that replaces an entire arch of teeth. We strive to use only the highest-quality materials to ensure that your new smile lasts as long as possible.

How Dental Implants Can Save You Money

Senior couple enjoying money-saving benefits of dental implants

Although dental implants cost a significant amount of money upfront, they actually present an excellent long-term value. That is because they have the potential to last a lifetime, whereas forms of tooth replacement with a lower initial cost, such as dentures, typically need to be replaced every 5 – 10 years. Plus, the many oral health benefits that dental implants in Lakeville provide can spare you from having to pay for a range of restorative treatments.

Does My Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Dental insurance form on clipboard next to keyboard

Many dental insurance policies cover dental implants, but there are still quite a few that do not. Our team, as well as the team of the specialist who places your implants, will help you to understand how your specific coverage applies. We will even take care of all the necessary paperwork so you do not have to worry about dealing with the nitty gritty details. Even if your insurance does not cover the implants themselves, it is likely to cover other parts of your treatment, such as your final restoration or preliminary services.

Making Dental Implants Affordable

Happy dental patient, glad she could afford dental implants

As your implant dentist in Lakeville, we want to help you afford your new teeth! That is why, in addition to assisting you with insurance, we offer convenient financing through CareCredit. CareCredit is a third-party lender that offers low-interest and no-interest payment plans to qualified patients. You may be able to choose from a variety of plans with varying terms.

Would you like to learn more about dental implants and their cost? Contact us today to schedule a personalized consultation.

Maintaining & Caring for Your Dental Implant

Smiling woman with toothbrush and dental implants in Lakeville

Dental implants offer the longest lifespan out of all your tooth replacement options. However, if you want to replace your missing teeth for a lifetime, it’s essential that you take care of your dental implants properly. While dental implant failure is rare, you should still be practicing a few simple precautions and healthy habits to make the most of your restoration. Read on to learn the five best ways to take care of your dental implant.

Make Oral Hygiene a Priority

Man flossing his dental implants in Lakeview

Your dental implant won’t be able to get cavities, but you still need to brush and floss your teeth every day. Proper oral hygiene helps keep your gums healthy, strong, and infection-free. Should an issue like gum disease develop, the connective tissues that help hold your dental implant in place could be damaged or destroyed. So make sure to brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day, floss daily, and rinse with mouthwash regularly.

Eat a Healthy Diet

woman with dental implants in Lakeville eating an apple

While dentures and dental bridges restore less than 50% of your chewing power, dental implants can give you 80% or more of your biting force! This means you can eat all your favorite foods with ease and enjoy a varied and healthy diet. Make sure to eat lots of foods with vitamin C and calcium, which will help keep your smile strong and healthy.

Break Bad Habits

Man with dental implants in Lakeville chewing on a pencil

While a few good habits can make all the difference in extending your dental implant’s lifespan, a few bad habits can dramatically shorten it. If you plan on investing in dental implants, now is the perfect time to stop dangerous tendencies like:

  • Chewing on hard objects like ice, fingernails, and pen caps
  • Smoking or chewing tobacco
  • Using your teeth as tools to open packages or containers

Protect Your Dental Implants

Closeup of mouthguard for protecting dental implants in Lakeville

If you play sports, you should wear a custom athletic mouthguard. A single stray elbow or ball to the face could potentially break or loosen your dental implant. If you grind your teeth at night (a condition called bruxism) you should wear a personalized nightguard to protect your dental implant from excessive wear and tear. Not to mention, these mouthguards will also do wonders protecting your remaining natural teeth as well!

Schedule Regular Dental Checkups

Woman caring for her dental implants in Lakeville via checkup

Whether you’ve replaced one missing tooth with a dental implant or an entire arch, we still want to see you for routine checkups and cleanings every six months. Even if your smile looks and feels fine, we’ll be able to take a closer look and ensure that no problems are quietly developing. If they are, we can take quick action to treat them right away! What’s more, a professional cleaning will help lower your risk of encountering any such issues and keep your pearly whites dazzling.

Dental Implant FAQs

a sketched thought bubble containing a question mark

Even after reading over this page, we’re sure you still have some important questions regarding dental implants. Not to worry, because we’re more than ready to answer them! You’ll find our responses to some popular questions below, and you’re always welcome to give us a call if you would like to know more about something that we haven’t covered here.

Does getting dental implants hurt?

Thankfully, no! The jawbone does not have a lot of nerve endings, plus the treatment area is thoroughly numbed before the procedure. Most patients describe feeling a little pressure throughout the treatment, but nothing that resembles pain. Some slight swelling and bleeding are common for the first few days afterward, but these can usually be easily managed and go away on their own.

How long do dental implants last?

The average lifespan of a dental implant is 35 years, though they can endure much longer with routine maintenance. Thankfully, this isn’t complicated. All a patient has to do is brush and floss their teeth daily as well as attend regular checkups. Many patients never have any issues with their implants from the day they get them!

Will I have to miss work to get dental implants?

You will need to take the day of the placement surgery off as well as the day after, as this will ensure the healing process begins properly. Most patients are able to resume their normal routine after this period, but if someone’s job is particularly physically demanding, they may require more time off. This is because moving around too much can interfere with the blood clot needed for a surgery site to heal.

Can I get dental implants if I smoke?

Yes, but smoking or regularly using any kind of tobacco product has been shown to increase the risk of implant failure. This is why a patient will be asked to quit for at least two weeks before their implant placement surgery. Ideally, after surgery, they should abstain from tobacco for at least 2-3 months to ensure a smooth healing process. We can offer a patient multiple strategies on how to quit to make this much easier in order to safeguard the long-term viability of their new teeth.

Can I get dental implants if I’m diabetic?

If a patient has their diabetes under control, then their risk of implant failure should be minimal, similar to non-diabetic patients. For those with uncontrolled diabetes, however, the chances of complications are much higher. Our team can work with a patient and coordinate with their primary doctor to properly manage their diabetes so that the implant placement surgery is both safe and successful.

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